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Can`t get MD to prescribe me the medicine i NEED!
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    Default Can`t get MD to prescribe me the medicine i NEED!

    Hi, Dear

    My name is Serge. Im so glad i`ve found out about this forum, because just today i was thinking that i have no one to talk about my problem.
    I`ve been diagnozed with GAD( Generalized Anxiety Disorder); Panic Disorde and ADHD about 3 yrs ago, when u was 16. My previous psychiatrist tried almost( literally, no exaggoration) every drug that`s out there on me. I felt like a guinea-pif. I didn`t response to SSRIs( Prozac, Effexor, Lexapro); nor to TCAs(celexa etc..).I was also on anything possible like : Neurontin(gabapentin),Clonodine,Concerta,Abilify,D epakote,Seroquel..oh Gosh, I go on and on..The only meds that worked for me finally were Adderall( for ADHD-i became a college student from a HS drop out), Ativan(lorazepam---i know it`s a benzo,and i do know about the addiction and all that) and Inderal..I was able to function on these meds perfectly..and even after being on Ativan for almost 3 yrs i have never experienced tolerance WD syptoms or requested a dose escalation. Unfortunately i left the country and my old psych. quit that job, so i am to see some nasty angry lady,who (HONESTLY!!) asked me a few questions, Rx`d me Lexapro,Inderal and Ritalin..i told her i have anxiety AND ADHD,so een tho my ADHD might get better, my anxity became worse.She just said that "it was addictive"..but what should i do if that`s the only medication that helps i never abused it..I don`t know how to explain her that i am looking for my anxiety relief not for drugs to abuse (which is very common in NYC)?
    Maybe anyone had had a similar experience or can help me out??
    Love ya!!
    Thanks in advance!!
    P.S. Well as far as i know Ritalin is very addictive too, and is in Schedule II, as opposed to Ativan in C-IV

    " If every, lets say, ecstasy pill contained nothing but pure MDMA, there would be no such substance in the world as of today"- Me

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    Well if she has all your medical records, and still doesn't agree with that course of treatment, then there really isn't much you can do about it. She has the right to refuse to prescribe something that she doesn't feel is called for, or that she feels is to dangerous for the patient. A doctor in private practice, who is not treating you in an emergency setting, has no obligation to treat you, or anyone else. And none of them, including ER docs, have any onligation to prescribe you anything at all, not matter what condition you are in. ER docs have to treat you while you are under their care and provide all necessary treatment, but no one, not a single on of them, including your psych, has to give you slips of paper to take to the pharmacy and get drugs of any kind.

    Now Ativan is a Benzo, generally these drugs are not recommended to be used by someone for longer than 3 months at a time, to prevent addictive problems patients are usually given a break for awhile in between, then, if necessary, it is represcribed. You are also very, very young, so I am sure the doc is concerned about that as well, the younger you start an addiction and the longer you are addicted, the worse it is to try to turn your life around later. You say you aren't addicted now, so she may want to keep it that way. All Benzos were originally intended for short term solutions, while the patient underwent therapy and counseling, then as their condition improved, the drug was weaned away and discontinued. None of them were intended for long-term, permanent use.

    To top off the addiction and dependence concerns, the FDA and DEA have really cracked down on both Benzos and Narcotics, in many states, docs who prescribe such have to keep a copy of the prescription and file it with monthly reports, in which they must explain their jusitification for prescribing it for each person they wrote a prescription for, doesn't even matter if you were on if for years, or it was the lowest possible dose available.

    In other states, docs have to keep records of all of them, and be ready to answer at any time to the DEA as to why the prescribed this med(s) for such and such a person. They must account for all of them. If the DEA feels they are not prescribing appropriately, the doctor can be sanctions, pay fans, and if there are too many instances they can lose their medical and prescribing license, so their whole career is over.

    Unfortunatly for those will real problems, like you with anxiety or myself, with chronic pain problems, this means we have to fight to get the meds we need that helps us, because most docs are terrified of writing any of those prescriptions now.

    So, the only thing you can basically do, is get a copy of your medical file and try a different doc if you really aren't getting the help you need from the other meds.

    My information is not guaranteed correct. I do not get them right all the time, but I do enjoy the hunt~

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