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Can't afford medical care for 7 chronic illnesses.
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    Default Can't afford medical care for 7 chronic illnesses.

    Just kind of freaking out here. I'm on my last 24 weeks of unemployment and get a very low amount in the first place. Haven't even been able to pay rent on time in 3 months. I have Chronic Vertigo, Bipolar, Osteoarthritis in my neck, Acid Reflux, severe Insomnia, TMJ, and Mitral Valve Prolapse. Not to mention that my gums are destroying my teeth and am in constant pain from them. To top it all off, I'm about to run out of my Bipolar meds and sleeping pills with no refills. I finally, after 13 years, found a med that controls my Bipolar and am living a life I never knew existed. I CANNOT go back to the life I had before Celexa! My doctor is $100 a visit and I just can't pay it. I have tried a non-profit clinic and they, quite literally, tried to kill me. They put me on Morphine and then, when it made me very wacky, they made me go off of it cold turkey. That is possibly lethal. Then they tried to put me on Lunesta and Ambien for sleep. Even the commercials state that if you're depressive NOT to take these meds.I need assistance quickly but Medicare won't help me and I'm terrified to go back to a "clinic". My doctor is great, but I just don't know what to do. Does anyone have any ideas?

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    I would talk to your doctor, he might be able to suggest something, either some kind of payment plan, or refer you to someplace that may help, or better yet, speak to your doctors nurse, somethimes they are even more knowledgable about that kind of stuff. Are you eligible for medicaid?Also, some of these prescription drug companies can help you with drug costs.

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    Smile Patient assistance...


    What happened to me was that they told me I had ovarian cancer. At that point my family came up and everything. I had NO INSURANCE, not married and not making much money.
    My sister took me to the emergency room at a "school" hospital (a training or teaching hospital, or one that takes in the indigent.)
    She went to the office there and paid $50.00 to be put on their program. IT WORKED!! I started receiving Medicaid, and another program called "Take Charge". I don't know if they were the same thing as medicaid or not.but I got benefits asap and they even paid some of the back bills, and ALL of my prescriptions. They had a ride-share program where they pick you up...everything I needed. In the end, after major surgery and 2 months of thinking I was dying, it turned out to be a bunch of benign cysts...ALOT of them. lol This was only a temporary thing, and my Medicaid ended that following Sept. after I had other cysts removed from my breasts. So go to your local teaching hospital and ask to be put on their program...and pay about $ least in my state that is what it was...peanuts, compared to no help at all...Thank GOD for my SISTER!!! I think if you have a long-term situation, that they will keep you long term. Hope this helps!!!!
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    Every county has medical assistance programs where you are issued free insurance coverage if you have chronic illnesses and are unable to pay and willl have a co-pay of less than $5 for medications. Every county has offices that will assist you for psych meds especially if you are bi-polar. If you check with your local county hospital they will be able to direct you to the local office where you can get help.

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    Have you tryed appling for medicaid?Are you in the US?Alot of hospitals have programs and mental health centers that are based upon your income.

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    What state are you in and i will look up some resourses for you.

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