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Chewed A Morphine Pill
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    Exclamation Chewed A Morphine Pill

    I Thought I Swallowed All Three Pills. Took A Bite Of Toast And Bit Into Something Hard. It Was A Morphine Sulfate EXTENDED RELEASE 40mg. Dont Know How Much Of It I Swallowed. My Question Is What Happens When You Chew One Of These Pills? Can Aanybody Tell Me?

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    You break the time release and get a stronger dose of the morphine instantly instead of controlled release.

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    Default hastens effect

    by chewing NOT RECOMMENDED, it sort of eliminates the extended release part and you could get tooooo much into your system--you feel sick, GET ATTENTION PRONTO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11111

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    [deleted - inappropriate]
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    It's too bad, the way the previous poster promotes abusing these drugs. One of too many who abuse their drugs and, unfortunatey, give those of us who take our meds as prescibed a black eye.

    It's folks like him who make the majority of those of use who 'need' extended relief meds. to make life liveable (such as Oxycontin,MScontin) into question and gives the legal communities the type of ammo they need to attempt to prevent these drugs for all those who truly need them.

    As far as the original individual poster,it sounds like she's taking at least 3-40 mg. mscontin in the AM and PM

    In her case and with her tolerance,she probably wouldn't have even realized she chewed 1 of her pills, other than the fact that she 'noticed' it.

    It's surely not something to do on purpose, but at the same time,I wouldn't worry too much about it.
    Life,Sometimes we wake up in the middle of it.

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    Default biggetyb

    That is helpful! =) I like your positive turn on it.
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