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Doctor cancelled my work disability......
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    Default Doctor cancelled my work disability......

    I was ready to go back to work for the beginning of December. I had been out of work since March 2004 due to stress (our house burned, my husband got in a car accident, problems with my boss at work, etc). Anyway, the doctors told the disability insurance that I could go back to work (I was ready), but then I got into a head-on collision at the end of January resulting in ruptured discs in my neck and I have to have surgery. How can I get these disability payments reinstated? any information is greatly appreciated.



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    Default Easy to get reinstated

    Hi There ,
    Sorry to hear bout your obstacles of recent... I would go to your local "Catholic Charities " its huge they have over 170 programs and they can give you a lawyer free of charge to help reinstate your disability.. it will work..

    Blessings to you xoxo

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    Do you realize that you are replying to a post that from over two years ago?? The date of the post is from March in 2005!!!!!!!!

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