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Drug Testing
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    Question Drug Testing

    Step son is 90+ days into recovery, but I think he is using again.

    He is a snorter and at one time said there was not a drug he has not done.

    How long after he does a drug would it take to show up in his urine or blood?

    Really think he was doing something yesterday so my husband tested him but it was negative. He tested him approx 15-20 minutes after I told him to do it.

    Step son went into the bathroom, locked the door but did not pee, brush his teeth or shower. I had a really odd feeling. He is also taking Prozac at night. He takes a sleeping pill at his mother's house, but has not been taking it out our house. He slept alot during the day yesterday and is not sleeping well at night.

    He has an Iphone and when I walk by, he closes down all his photos, etc. Husband checked it but said you cannot erase the history on the Iphone or delete messages.

    What should I be looking for? My gut feeling is usually right.

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    Is he spending 5-10mins multiple times throughout the day locked in either the bathroom or his room? my brother was an addict and he would always lock the bathroom and when he was recovering and my dad realized he was locked in the bathroom for the 4th time that day for more then 2mins he picked the lock and knocked the magazine filled with crushed oxycontin on the ground. You can't watch your kid 100% of the time however just be mindfull of his habits. Usually someone who has been caught previously using will not want to be super social while high because it will probably kill the high trying to hide it. I am no specialist on this i just lived around it with older siblings and very strict parents. Do you know if he had a particular drug of choice? its easier to notice signs and symptoms of a single type of drugs i.e. stimulants/opiates/benzo's. than it is to deal with a different 1 each day.

    p.s. Normally a drug would take no more than 1-2 hours to show up on a drug test especially if snorted. But unless you know what your looking for it might be difficult as not all drugs have home test kits. A blod test at your local Labcorp is the most effective means of figuring the types and amounts of drugs in an individual's system. I also know of hair tests that can tell if someone has used drugs up to 6 months ago i believe. But i think the hair test is expensive while the labcorp if insured is only $30 or so. If your son is under 18 you could probably have a doctors appointment set up and discuss your issues and he might not have a problem ordering bloodwork for something else and then adding a drug test to it.
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