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ED and intamacy
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    Default ED and intamacy

    I know this may seem not important in the scheme of life's problems. I take some many meds and have to have an increase. I have ED. I'm married for over two decades and my insurance will not pay for Viagra or any ED meds. They are crazy expensive. I'm on disability. I can not afford them yet I fall out of all manufacturer line of income for help. Not by much. With today's cost barely getting by and can't get meds to help. But I'm afraid I'm going to loose my wife. She is not happy about this and me either. Don't know what to do. My mental illness is taking everything from me, my career, friends ,family, I'm scared may after to long my wife. It's been a long time and we are loosing intimacy. Any ideas?

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    The first step is you need to determine if your ED is caused by one or more of the medications you are taking, or if it is caused by a disorder such as diabetes. If a disease, it is important to get proper treatment for that, but yes you might need Viagra or other interventions to correct the ED. If it is caused by your medications then you need to talk to your doctors about whether you can taper off the offending meds and do without them, or if there is a different medication you can take which does not have this effect. If either of these fails to work, you might talk with your wife about alternate ways to make love, and be sure to give her cuddling and affection. Sometimes that is really what a woman wants. Open communication with her about your concerns. You may find she loves you for more than just the physical act.

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