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elephantiatic philariasis HELP
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    Exclamation elephantiatic philariasis HELP

    Hi every body I'm newbie here. I'd like to know where I can get the drug named HETRAZAN aka DIETHYLCARBAMAZINE . My mother is very sick for a long long time (13 years maybe )she's in my country Tunisia and she's been going to all kind of private and public hospitals. They told her that she has an elephatiatic philariasis desease but there is nothing they can do about it, there is no cure exept for the pain killers and light stuff for the fever. Last year I found out about the drug named Diethylcarbamazine and I learned a lot about it, but the thing is nobody I mean doctors in my coutry know about it- or at least that's what they told me,maybe they are scared of the side effects,-
    I've spend a lot of money and I've been worried about her all the time but I had no chance in getting her that drug here in the us or canada or even online till recently i found out that they're still manufacturing this medecine in india and malysia and that Glaxo-smith-kline give it for free to all third world countries as a mass treatment, (but not Tunisia)
    I made some contacts and I got her the medication from india through a friend of mine ( beleive it or not it costed only $12.00 us dollars ) the medication was a low dose one and it worked and things started to get a lot better after so many years.; but the amount of pills was only enough for 3 weeks and I need more of it (because it's a low-dose and it takes long time of treatment) so please any one can tell me where I can find this HETRAZAN
    PLEAAAAAAASE .MY mom is sick again and I did not see her for 7 years. PLeaaaase help!!!!!!!!
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    If it were me and I was looking for this medication for a loved one in another country, I would call the manufacturer. They have patient assistance programs in the U.S., so they may have a special agreement, internationally, with individual countries. They may be able to give you the name of a distributor in Tunisia, as well as the eligibility requirements in order to obtain the medication such as prescriptions or other qualifiers.

    I hope your mother gets the relief she's looking for. All the best and good luck.

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