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Flagged and can't get dr
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    Default Flagged and can't get dr

    I have been flagged and I am a T9 paraplegic. I can't get a pm dr and and a pcp is hard to get if they check. I want to explain but its a long story. My question is who do I go to and where to clear up my name. I have cronic neuropathic pain.. what is tags?

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    This question keeps coming up and I will try to answer it but sometimes my answers get deleted. The first thing to do is find out what the laws are in your state. See if there is any recourse for a false positive test. Also check what other medications you are taking because some of them can cause a false positive. If you are taking a medication that is known to cause false positive tests maybe you can request a more specific followup test.

    You really need a good doctor in your health condition because improper treatment can lead to complications. You need someone to advocate for you and find you a good healthcare provider. If your family won't do it, ask for a social worker to help you.

    It seems you are in cold turkey withdrawal from the painkillers. Make sure you stay hydrated and get good care with the hygiene to avoid bed complications.

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