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getting off hydrocodone
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    Default getting off hydrocodone

    Due to a very serious wreck in 2002 the doctors has had me on 10/650 hydrocodone and percoset.Now i think im not sure if i can but i want to try not taking anything anymore and see if i can handle the pain on my on.Can someone give me the best way to come off this without a very hard time.Im on around 10 to 12 every 24 hours.Thanks for any help

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    You have to decrease your dose very slowly,I can't stress that enough.Try taking 11 a day for a week then cut it down to 10 a week and so on.Once you start to feel withdrawls then go back to were your just right and go another week then try to lower it again.It takes a long time but it's the best way.If you try cold turkey you will just endure horrible withdrawls and probably never try again.Remember,take it as slow as you can......Good luck and let us know how your doing.....Dave

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