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Going Broke
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    Default Going Broke

    how can I get assistance with rx like adderall that alternative Medicaid won't pay for because I take /30mg 2 times a day! If it were just 30 they'd pay but won't pay for 30 pills and me pay for 30 I have to pay out of pocket for 60 a month. I've gotten it down to $56 with a RX discount card but I m going broke I'm unemployed seeking treatment can't afford meds? Ideas?

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    Absolutely...I'm an RN & have a debilitating sleep disorder as well as a significant malabsorption problem in my stomach. In my case, I must take an Extended Release (ER) stimulant in order to stay awake. I only absorp 30% of my meds, so I need to take 6 per day versus the maximum listed by the manufacturer of 4 per day. I tried 4 per day & fell asleep while driving. My sleep specialist wrote to my Medicare plan & asked for a "quantity level override approval" due to my individual circumstances. Instead of only receiving the maximum of 120 pills per month, my Medicare plan's Physician Medical Director approved 180 pills per month, due to my individual circumstances. My plan has approved the same amount each year since 2009. Make an appointment with your prescribing physician and discuss your need for her/him to request a "quantity level override approval" from Medical Assistance due to your specific clinical issues which require 2 generic Adderall per day. I hope this helps you.
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    Red face Adderall

    Hi, if you have a computer, I suggest doing a google search for: Adderall prescription assistance programs. It will lead you to programs that can give you assistance. I do it all the time. I am in the same boat, I cannot afford my meds and I am on 30 prescriptions. I just got assistance for Abilify, Restasis, and Humira by just doing a google search and it lead me to the proper programs. You have to be a little patient, it can be a time consuming project, but it works. Good Luck!

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