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Going to see a PM Doctor, got questions.
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    Default Going to see a PM Doctor, got questions.

    So I am going to see a PM doctor after much prompting from my wife. I just gave the secretary my surgery information, they will review it and I will get a call back for an appt. I have been taking Oxycontin for the past few months to help with the pain. I have been getting them from my mother. Some people tell me it would be better to have it in my system for the urine test and to be honest with the physician. However other people have been telling me that it is better to take my urine test with clean urine. I don't want to ruin my chances of getting my pain under control. Does anyone have any real advice? I also smoke marijuana on a regular basis to help me sleep better. Those are the only things that would show up for my urine test.

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    really noone knows if its ok to have stuff in your system when you go see the PM doc?

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    Default Dont do it

    Do not go with weed in your system no way you wont get anything at all for sure and if you got ocs in your system they will wonder why and you tell them your story and then they will think you are already an addict so you willl be starting off on wrong foot get clean then go or it wont be good for you at all my friend ok

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    Default Are you being serious asking that????

    You got to be kidding me - you say you want to be "HONEST" with your doctor & go in his office & admit to several crimes. Not to mention drag your "Mother" into a Federal offense by supplying you CII narcotics w/out a RX.

    Why not roll a big fat blunt & while being "HONEST" with them ask if it they'd mind if you spark up in the waiting room - they might not care if you pass it around & don't forget to bring your mothers OXY's to crush on the counter & cut out a few lines.

    There are people on here with "SERIOUS" problems & can't get the medications because of people that have no clue

    I'm sorry to all the others on here but this really got under my skin & have found out some really bad news about my health recently

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