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Help finding doctor that cares Va. area
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    Default Help finding doctor that cares Va. area

    Hi all / New to boards /
    I am looking for a doctor in the state of Va. that someone can recommend because I can't seem to find 1 here that will provide me the help I need. Once they find out what all I've been on over the past 7 yrs they don't want to touch me. I am dealing w/ back pain & have had 5 levels fused in lower back. My doctor now has had me on Norco now for 6 months & for the last 3 visits I've explained its not masking the pain & wanted to know if there was anyway he could write something that would last longer. He says he will not write me narcotics (??) I am not seeking anything other than a bit more time of relief & he won't write anything else.
    Any help either w/ a recommendation of a doctor in Va. or maybe a way of gettting to him to understand my position w/out begging because thats not going to happen would be appreciated very much.
    He keeps getting me to schedual the SI injections , Facet injections , nerve blocks & a bunch of other $$$ makers for him that cause me nothing but more pain longterm - I guess writing a new Rx won't make him any $$...
    Now he's starting to talk about sending me back to the surgeon that sent me to him / so its time to find a new doctor.
    I am sick of this game these doctors play

    Has anyone had any luck w/ a family doctor writing what is needed w/out all the games?? I may try that route next if nothing else. The Norco 4x's a day is doing nothing for me at this point & I'm in bed 80% of the time because of the pain & this pain management "specialist" won't help me or my family...

    Sorry for the rant I just would love to end this game & find a doctor that understood PAIN
    Thanks again

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    Default Help finding a doctor that cares

    Hi I know how hard it is. I am sorry I am not in VA I am in Northern Idaho. But have gone years with the same stuff you are going through. I just finally found a doctor that cares and will give me the meds I need and truly knows how much pain I am in. I was on loratab for years had to take 6-8 pills a day just to be able to get out of bed. She is going to give me a long term time released opiod medication without all the tylenol that I only need to take twice a day and not 6 times a day. Keep looking and do not give up! Good luck! Also remember that because of the entire war on drugs thing and all of the people out there that abuse drugs doctors are scared to prescribe becasue of all the regulations etc. People who are truly in pain and not addicts like us have to suffer it is really not fair at all.

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    I'll pray for you, but my dad is going through the same thing. He lived a very productive and extremely active life for abour 11 years while he was taking Oxycontin and Methadone. After the huge scandal in the DC Metro area where teenagers were caught snorting and injecting it, the DEA decided it was "unsafe" and shortly after that, most doctors stopped prescribing it. He now doesn't even have enough medicine to last him 30 days. He went from 180lbs (5'10) to a frail 145lbs because he gets so sick from withdrawal after 24 days of medicine then 6 days without. He get out of bed or leave the house most days. My mom is depressed because he's so sick. He's on oxygen because he stopped breathing after going through severe withdrawal. His current doctor says he needs to walk a mile a day and start exercising, but she won't prescribe him enough medicine to even get out of bed and shower. It's sick how doctors pass judgement and live so comfortably in thier million dollar homes, but don't even care enough to give the help people need.

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