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how to ask your doctor for a certain med?
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    Default how to ask your doctor for a certain med?

    i have reoccuring bladder/UTI infections that have terrible back pains and lower abdominal pain that plague me for days, not to mention all the other discomforts of such an infection. well when i went for my yearly check up at my female doc...i had one then, just as severe as this one now and he prescribed to me lortab 10's which worked wonders, they did not make me sick to my stomach or drowsy which is great because i can go to work pain free instead of missing a day/days... well i'm on my way to the local ER as i can not take the pain anymore and i was just wondering how to ask for that same medicine...can you request a prescription from a doctor if you tell him/her the reasons why???

    just wondering & in pain,

    Courtnie Kliebert

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    well..pls don't think too much..and just go to see your doctor. She'll be the best judge to give you proper advice. So go ahead and consult this with her and let her decide the best medication for you.

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    I doubt that the er doctor will give you a narcotic.They will likely tell you to go to your regular doctor......Good luck..Dave

    Finally my pain is under control!!!!!!!

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