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I have a difficult situation
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    Default I have a difficult situation

    I have been on numerous medications throughout my life (for the first half it was for totally mis-diagnosed reasons) and none have ever worked for me. I was finally tested for depression by a new doctor in my long series of supposed medical specialists and I was told I was in fact depressed.
    In fact, I was depressed enough that the doctor said he considered hospitalization. I was prescribed about 500mg of effexor daily ( I may have gotten the dosage wrong but it was an extremely high dosage at least 3 times the maximum adult dosage) I actually had to take 2 of the largest dosage ammount offered by it because they don't make them higher then that. That was the first time I had ever noticed an effect from any medication other then one occasion where I had an alergic reaction to the medication over time.
    At first I no longer felt depressed and was hopeful about the drug, but the effects lasted less then an hour and I only felt them the next 2 times I used the drug. After those two times I once again had no effect. I am aware of the time it takes for these drugs to work and more then ample time was given for each one but there were absolutely no changes caused by them.
    I have recently come to realized that any pill based medication or drug has no effect on me.
    I have actually tried the highest dosage (and quality) of both Soma and Vikeden on an occasion that I was in pain and again i felt nothing.
    I found that if I took 3 of the maximum strength Soma I did feel an effect that only lasted less then 30 min which serves to solidify my suspicion.
    I do not know why this is either. My only guess is that my body's metabolism processes these things too quickly for them to affect me.

    Anyways, my problem is that I have a serious case of depression with no viable way to treat it...

    (I should also add that the pain medication and muscle relaxer was for a particular day that I believe I pulled a major muscle in my back as I was nearly in a paralysed state where I could only move about an inch at the expense of severe pain and neither of them could even slightly lessen the pain)

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    Did your doctor indicate whether there were any "co-morbid" conditions? For example, depression and bi-polar, or anxiety and depression, etc. I ask because some medications can treat both. For example, I take a medication for ADD/ADHD that has an antidepressive component built into it, so it's kind of like getting 1 medication to treat 2 conditions. You may benefit from a medication that treats the co-morbid condition with an added component that treats the depression. Often, these medications are recommended in concert with counseling, though, so you may benefit from some counseling sessions as well. Psychologists have recently been allowed to prescribe some medications, but only after completing the licensing requirements set forth. You may have the added benefit that I had when I was little, where I had the therapist (psychiatrists, back then) who treated AND prescribed, which could ultimately save you some money as well. Remember too that some medications, like Lithium, would require levels testing so you'd have to have follow-ups with your prescribing doctor.

    All the best to you.


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