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I moved and I DESPERATELY need a new doctor! HELP!
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    Default I moved and I DESPERATELY need a new doctor! HELP!

    hi everyone...

    i just found this fourm and i'm glad i did. i just moved from new hampshire to los angeles. my doc of 4 years(!) says he would love to help but can't call in percocet for i need to find a new doctor. i've called around but so far, nobody wants to prescribe me percocet??? i am going to run out in a few days and i'm scared. i've had a hip replaced and my knees have been giving me horrific pain. i wake up every time in pain until i take my medication.

    can someone PLEASE help me find a doctor in the los angeles area that is going to do this for me? i dont care if i have to travel to another area. i know i won't be able to sleep anymore once i run out and will be in constant pain. please someone help me find someone. i am so anxious writing this right now b/c i know i will run out in a few days. PLEASE help!!!

    thank you to everyone who reads this and it would be so very much appreciated if someone here from los angeles can refer me to someone...


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    Well, usually most doctors prescribe percocet following a surgery and it's rarely used for long term use , unless you have something way more severe than hip your outta luck most likely....If you want to travel than you should return to NH every few months to the doc "you said" will give it.

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    Ur in a tuff spot! Any L.A. doctor that u approach with that request will look at it as "drug seeking behavior" .... which it is...LOL...
    U didnt say how long its been since ur surgery, but one of the other posts called it right, that medication is rx'd for VERY short term use, and usually by the time ur ready to leave the hospital for home, its "Adios, Percoset"..... or u might get sent home with 8-10 pills, maybe.....
    If the surgery is VERY recent, u might go to an ER and see if they will help u... probably ur best shot...
    Just a note... My 83 yr old mom just had Open Heart Surgery in September 2006... she took 2 doses of morphine, post-op, while she was fresh out of the recovery room and still in intensive care... after that she took only Tylenol, and not #3's...LOL... I couldnt/wouldnt have done it...
    Good luck, L.A. can be cruel....

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    Consider a pain management specialist. They are the ones that can manage chronic pain situations. They have the expertise in treatments and medications that other Dr.'s may not be familiar with. Ask for a referral.

    My husband is getting help and appropriate meds from his pain management specialist.

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    I lived in L.A. for 23 years (most of that time in Burbank), and I've been in the medical claims field for over 17 years, although, I haven't really paid many drug claims.

    Here's my advice, and you're not going to like it....

    In L.A. I'm pretty sure you'll have to start from scratch. Sorry to say it, but it's true. You'll need to start by going to a physician. If you can get a pain specialist who is willing to see you without having been to an Internist or General/Family physician, then you'll be ahead of the game. Start by having your New Hampshire doctor send you your complete medical records, as well as any physicians, surgeons or hospitals who treated you in New Hampshire, especially in relation to the surgery that warranted the ongoing percocet prescriptions. (You should have these records anyhow, since you're in a new city/state.) You'll need these records as fodder for your case. If nothing else, it will give the doctor the bigger picture of your medical history.

    L.A. has many pain clinics. You may want to start by calling a local hospital ("Providence St. Joseph Medical Center" in Burbank, or perhaps "Santa Monica Hospital" in Santa Monica or "Cedars-Sinai" in West L.A./Beverly Hills.), and ask whether they have a pain center attached to their facility. I was very happy with "Glendale Adventist Hospital" in Glendale off the 134 (exit "Harvey"). I was assigned to them for years, and I really liked them, although I never saw them for pain issues. Also, try the teaching hospitals, UCLA and USC.

    L.A. has some of the nation's best medical facilities. You can't go wrong there.

    Honestly, a doctor in L.A. who would prescribe percocet without having any supporting documentation from your New Hampshire doctor would set off a lot of alarms at your insurance company.

    Sorry for the bad news, and good luck with your pain issues.


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    Default that stinks!

    I have a similar on Cape Cod and my doc is moving! Anyway, try UCLA...look online at the doctor's profiles, and then just start calling and explaining your situation to the nurses/secretaries and be sure to ask if the doc will prescribe narcotics or you will waste a lot of time in doctor's offices!

    GEt copies of all your past med records with MRI's CT scans, etc. and bring them with you.

    Good luck!

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