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life after herion crack and meth
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    Unhappy life after herion crack and meth

    was one of the best there was, and it wasn't by chance. I worked hard for 11 years. I experienced all the ups and downs available.
    I was a master of my craft. Why do I speak in past tense? How do I get back in How do I create the balance between greatness and being humble?
    Bridge the gap between the great broker drug addict and the sober failure. my life is a mess and all the knowledge and ability seems to be wasted away by the past fouls I have all these questions and no one to ask. I look at my life now and don
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    All I want to say to you is that I, too feel the same way.

    I'm not gonna say all that "Time Heals", "One day at a time", etc...

    I am where you are at..... I understand
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    Default Look around you...

    Since you say you have God, I will assume you believe the bible and love God. For your concerns mentioned, I have put bible verses to try & help you get back in your life what you DESIRE & NEED.

    But first, here is a verse describing God’s position in the fulfillment of His Word & His Promises to us.

    Jeremiah 1:12 says, God is...alert and active, watching over his word to perform it.

    God has not forgotten about all the words He has written to you…they are living promises to those who are His. Even before we ask for something according to what the bible states about it, God is alertly and actively watching over His word to perform it! When we approach and pray to Him about our needs in accordance with the bible, we can do these things in confidence and faith because of what is written in Jeremiah 1:12. HE WILL PERFORM HIS PROMISES TO US. That itself may help bring you some comfort and confidence as you approach Him in prayer. When you ask for something, remind Him what He said to you concerning that thing.

    Ephesians 3:20 says, God "is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us."

    NOTE: It says right here that God is able to do infinitively more than we can ask or imagine. That is a real faith booster – nothing we can ask is beyond His ability to perform...He is able to restore all plus give more to us according to His will. Also it states that His power is at work within us. Whether we realize it or not, God's power is continually at work within us. He does not forget about us or stop focusing on us the way we do with him during the stresses of daily life. He IS there waiting to hear your voice.

    Quote Originally Posted by JWOOD33 View Post
    Bridge the gap between the great broker drug addict and the sober failure.
    While this statement effectively communicates a perceived unsatisfactory difference in your life now (sober) and then (addicted), it is obviously in contradiction to your correct understanding of the truth which spawned your sober journey.

    1) You have chosen sobriety, indicating that it is not something that you believe inherently leads to failure but to greatness and gain.

    2) You have left addiction, indicating that you KNOW in your heart that IT didn't make you great but made you a failure (at least in the ways that truly matter to you).

    I think that in realizing these 2 things, you'll have the framework on which you can build the bridge that'll gap your perceived level of success where it is now and where you desire it to be.

    Quote Originally Posted by JWOOD33 View Post
    it seems if I have god and sobriety I cant have success and financial stability. I miss my home my license transportation ability to go out to dinner pay for my children's clothes & soccer I miss it all. I loved that Life. I guess it is like they say its better to loved and lost than to never to loved at all.
    Romans 8:28 And we know all things will work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose. - this says ALL things...that would include success & financial stability. You have you love Him? If you love God, He will make it possible to live joyfully obedient according to His plan for YOUR life; according to Romans 8:28, all things will work together for you family's good.

    I know you must miss all those things and rightfully so. We are justified in wanting nice stuff for us and our families. It's when we have those things thru dishonest or fake means, we are living out a lie in our minds planted by those means whatever those means may be - drugs, theft, deception, whatever - and when those temporary things stop, the lie is revealed, all those things disappear and we hit the ground hard. I have less "things" now than I did at one time, but through the absence of those things ALONG WITH GOD AND SOBRIETY,I have realized that if you have the things money can't buy, you are truly lucky AND that God does indeed watch over his word to perform it. My family is steadily having nice things restored to us by God, sobriety and honesty.

    I pray for you and your family, that as you believe in Him and pray for restoration according to his word, God will show you just how richly He is able to bless with all truly good things and more than meet your needs.


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