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looking for interactions to suboxone
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    Default looking for interactions to suboxone

    i am going back to wrestling and weightlifting and have been detoxing for 7 months now due to over 26 years of painkiller addiction and now i want to take a small dosage of winstrol to shelp my muscles and inflammation...there is no opiod in the winstrol, can i take these two together and be ok ..i need to know asap as i have a show on the 17th of march and need to start taking the winstrol asap...please help own detox doc doesnt know as he says its a new replacement drug fopr methadone and thres not alot of info about interactions for suboxone...anyone that has a real answer please email me at my personal email

    thank you so much im afraid of dying if i just go ahead and take it with no knowledge


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    I checked a drug interaction chart and it came back as "no interactions between suboxone and winstrol".So you're ok.......Dave

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