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    Default metformin/glucophage

    Having taken glucophage/metformin for years, I developed "late onset" diarreha.... no matter when I took the medication, I hade immediate massive diarreha attacks after eating anything.. sometimes having accidents..... I am now on Prandin and night time insulin but have gained 15 pounds and do not feel well with the extra weight... I Walkmill 3/4 hour every day and water aerobics twice a week and still gained the weight..

    Has anyone ever returned to taking Metformin after having "Late onset" diarrhea? Two doctors told me that usual sx start at the beginning of treatment not later on.... sounds like too many of them don't take the time to read up on treatments.

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    Your body does change over time, as does your body chemisty, thus yes, your reaction to certain meds can change. Some people have experienced sudden allergic reactions to meds that they safely used for many years without a problem and had to switch. The chances are slim that you will once again move away from having that reaction, you will probably not be able to use Metformin again, and will have to continue to use something else.

    My information is not guaranteed correct. I do not get them right all the time, but I do enjoy the hunt~

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