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Morphine (IV/Inj)
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    Unhappy Morphine (IV/Inj)

    Can someone please help me I will be so greatful.
    I have suffered from chronic agonising pain for 3 years I am regularly in and out of hospital from this pain, it is the bane of my existence My doctor has provided me several strong painkillers but they dont touc the severe pain I experience. The only time I have felt relief is when I am admitted to hospital and am given morphine intraveneously. I have an appointment with my doctor tomorrow and I am going to ask her to give me a morphine IV prescription. I just want to know who else here has been prescribed this and how hard was it to get prescribed? I am at my absolute wits end, why should I have to suffer when the adequate pain relief is out there? It just doesnt make sense. This condition has taken over my life, in novemeber I attempted suicide because I couldnt live with the pain anymore. So tomorrow is my last chance at having some kind of normality in my life if I am prescribed with the adequate painkiller that I ask my doctor for. I just hope I dont have to go 'john q' in the docotrs surgery to get the prescription that I'm long over-due. By the way I live in the U.K and could get it on the NHS (free)

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    I dont know how it works overseas,but I would imagine that they would give you morphine patches before they are going to prescribe you IV morphine(if they can even do that)...Has anyone offered you the option of methadone? Its actually a very good painkiller that gets a bad reputation...Hope all goes well!

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    hey butterflybelle. I feel for you ! Have you ever tried a fentanal patch! Strongest opiate in the world,! Look it up, extremely powerful pain reliever, I would think at this point you have built up a huge morphine tolerance! Any questions ask or post to DETOX GUY Hang in there!

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    No doctor is going to prescribe IV morphine to a non-terminal patient.Like the other posters said "there are other opiates".Morphine is about half way up the potentcy scale.The fentanyl patch would likely work well.I know it's a drag, I went through for over 20 years before I got on methadone and it really helped my pain issues.Hang in there and keep at it, you will eventually find something that will work.....Dave

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    Default Morphine pump

    Hey there,

    I really feel for you. My mother was in such pain for about 10 years after a stroke and her doctor placed a morphine pump right under her skin in her abdomin. The hospice nurse would come once a month to fill it. It was wonderful. You might want to look into it. Good luck to you and I hope you find relief soon.

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