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Need assistance for my brother
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    Angry Need assistance for my brother

    My brother is on a cocktail (believe what's its called) of Abilify, Effexor and Depakote. He was diagnosed with bi-polar, severe depression and pt symdrome from a childhood accident. About 2 years ago the guilt from this more or less broke him and he became suicidual, harms himself etc. While on the combination of these drugs he's a normal fun loving guy when off a VERY different story. He lives in MI and with the state of their economy they have cut off all his funds for therapy etc. Now the same is happening to his prescriptions. He can't afford them as he's on disability. About two weeks ago after his Abilify ran out he called me and said he had a urge to cut off his fingers. Honestly this is FREAKING me out! I need to find out how he can get his meds otherwise I know suicide is just down the road at some point in time. It's amazing to me all the money I've paid into the federal and local governments over the years, but people who NEED help our turned away everyday. MAD and FRUSTRATED in CO.

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    Your brother needs to get to his local MHMR office and see about getting services through them. Now I know the stigmatism that goes with MHMR, but they also help people with mental health issues as well as those who are mentally retarded. If he can get an appointment and start receiving their services, then they will help him with his medications. Now in order to receive MHMR services you MUST go to each scheduled appointment AND not be positive for drugs because they actually do drug screens. This is one way he can get help. Also, you may want to go to the manufacturers' websites for the drugs he takes because many offer some type of assistance with getting your meds. Hope this helps.
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