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Need doctor in to site! Thanks!~
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    Default Need doctor in to site! Thanks!~


    I am new to the site, and feeling quite desperate. I have been on methadone 100 mg. for about 2.5 years for the treatment of chronic, intractable migraines. It took me a while to find a doctor who didn't think I was an addict just trying to get pain meds. And in the past, I have tried EVERYTHING from holistic and herbal treatment to biofeedback, accupuncture, etc. to a list 2 pages long of drugs. Even Botox didn't work. I recently was told to try Lupron to try to knock out the hormonal headaches (I am It hasn't been approved for payment yet, so I decided to try to switch to oxycontin because although it isn't a HUGE deal, I have gained about 40 lbs since I started methadone. I'd rather be pain free than skinny though....but thought I'd try OC. WEll, even though I told my doc there was as much as a 4:1 ratio (ie, 100 mg methadone = 400 mg. oxycontin), he only put me on 120 mg. oxycontin. Also, I forgot to ask for brand, and got generic. So basically, I am feeling sick AND have a nice rash from whatever they compound the oxycontin with (I get no rash from OXYCODONE, so it has to be the OXYCONTIN). I screwed up bigtime, and took the 2 sealed bottles of methadone and donated them to the nearby free clinic/drug treatment center, and apparently got totally scammed by whoever took the meds and wrote me a "receipt". I mean, I admit, I was not very smart, but I was just trying to be a philanthropist. So anyway, now I have to go to the police (I volunteer there anyway) and explain what happened, and my doctor, who I LOVED and was such a great guy...willing to try anything...said that it was a violation of my "Drug contract" especially since he specifically told me to return the drugs to him to destroy. I am really sad and totally embarrassed to have been so stupid...I was tryly just trying to be a nice any rate, he is giving me one more month of methadone today, and I have to find a new primary care or specialist to prescribe for me. I take the methadone 4 times a day, so a "clinic" won't work. And when I tried previously to find a doctor, I had no luck even if I were willing to drive 2 hours away! So I am now DESPERATE to find out if anyone has any ideas of where to start...I need to find a doctor in Massachusetts (preferably near Cape Cod) who will prescribe methadone for me...
    Does anyone know of lists of doctors who aren't afraid to use opiods and/or pain meds for chronic pain? I have a month, but I am scared that I won't be able to find someone. I tried NHF with little success...and have called several universities in luck yet.

    Any help/suggestions would be greatly appreciated! I am really shaken up today, and feeling ********************py from even trying to change from methadone in the first my mind, there really isn't any substitute...OXYcontin sounded good, but I feel very agitated and if I was any more constipated, I would have to use my 4 year old son's excavator truck toy to help out! lol

    Thanks in advance for your help....


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    Oxycodone is way to weak a replacement for methadone.If your taking methadone pills then you can take a once a day dose as methadone has a 24-36 hour half life.When your taking the pills all your doing is keeping your serum methadone level the samer by taking it every 4-6 hours.You can take the whole dose once a day and the serum level stays the same for at least 24 hours.So yes a clinic setting would do fine.
    You're probably going to have to go to a clinic as not to many doctors are going to order methadone for migraines.Good luck and let me know how you make out.....Dave
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    Default I'm in a similiar situation

    Dear Notanabuser;

    I am not a drug abuser either and I'm from NH. I just moved here a few months back, I was seeing my doc in NH because she took care of primary care, pain mgt, and psyc meds and I loved her, she was SOOOOO nice. I had been on narcotics for my many issues with pain since before her, she took me in because I had no insurance and was forced to go to the Methadone Clinic everyday to be dosed like as if I was an addict. My councelor helped my find my doctor in NH that helped me. I was with her for almost 2 years when something happened (DEA thought she had too many pain patients and a few patients may have been caught selling or trading drugs with her name on the prescriptions). It angered me SO bad that a few bad apples spoiled it for us ligitimate pain patients! I have osteoarthrits of my facet joints in my back, 3 herniated disks, a messed up tailbone called sacroilitis, spinal stenosis (arthritis caused by narrowing of the spinal canal), sciatica caused by something pinching my sciatic nerve so pain shoots down my left leg daily. I was a victim of domestic violence so my ex-boyfriend kicked me so hard in the tailbone, I fractured my spine. And I also have carpel tunnel syndrome, tight shoulder muscles, my neck is always hurting and cracking, I get headaches and sometimes migraines (probably not as bad as your migraines though), and my right hip was misaligned during childbirth 11 years ago so I'm about 1" off on one side from hip to foot, so I walk a bit crocked sometimes if I don't wear a heal lift. I also had some issues with achilles tendonitis in my left ankle from doing karate and kickboxing (when my back pain wasn't nearly as bad as now), and my left knee has floating cartiledge from breaking it twice and I'm NOT even kidding! So I guess some doctors would think I'm nuts or some kind of hypochondriac but if they had to live a day in my body, they'd change their minds! I also know that migraine headaches SUCK BAD! My mom and dad get them, and they are a very serious matter. The ones I used to get were related to medication allergies from specifically birthcontrol pills since I stopped taking those I've been fine, but I'm also no methadone too. I need a doctor in the Boston area to help me as of December 9th, 2008 or I'm going to be REALLY sick and in MORE PAIN THAN EVER! I'm VERY SCARED and Beth Israel Hospital Intern Doctor I went to see (i will see the pain clinic on Dec. 1st) is telling me that no one there will offer to wean me off the medication so I'm on my own there! That seems so wrong to me! She even said she believes I'm not a drug addict but she says there is no reason to continue me on narcotics, even though I asked her to titrate me down off of methadone as an act of MERCY for goodness sakes! I think my old doctor in NH can give me about 2 months worth of presciptions and a weaning schedule that will help me as off December 9th. I hope she can. I'll let you know if I find someone down here, I'm checking into EVERYONE in Boston and surrounding areas, I'll let you know if I find anyone and please let me know if you find anyone. I know I need to stay on something narcotic until I can get surgery or some type of pain relief that works.

    Sincerely (and GOOD LUCK);

    Josie Cote'
    email me at

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