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Need help finding an orthopedic surgen
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    Question Need help finding an orthopedic surgen

    I live in manitoba, canada. here, when you need to see a specialist, you need a referal from your family doctor. right now, i need back surgery to correct spondlyosis L5 and whiplash in my upper back. I need the surgery for the whiplash because the pain hasn't receeded in 7 months. and i have been on percocet and cyclobenzaprine for the pain. it barely takes the edge off anymore. i am also on oxazapam cuz i have been haveing trouble sleeping. and i have lost 20lbs cuz i am usually in to much pain to eat. i am 5'7 and weigh 105 lbs. i can't afford to loose anymore weight. my doctor tried to make a referal to orthopediac surgen who specializes in spine trama / spine deformities named dr. goyton. but the wait list to get in is 2 years. i can't wait that long. they can't even tell me if surgery can fix this. if i knew for sure that he could fix this, i could get through the wait. but 2 years just for him to look at me. what if i wait that long, and he can't do squat. it is absolutely rediculous. what is going to happen to my body after spending 2 years on narcotic pain killers. does anyone in canada know of a good orthopedic surgen that doesn't have a 2 year wait list ? i am willing to travel out of province.

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    that is ridiculous. i live in charlotte nc, and had to go to an orthopedic surgeon and i got in 3 days after i called. i don't know how far you're willing to travel, but i would call around to some bigger cities, you will probably be able to get in ALOT sooner. i mean i guess if u look at how much money you've been spending, it would be worth it to travel ya know? let me know how it goes for u!

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