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Neupro Patch compassionate use
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    Question Neupro Patch compassionate use

    The Neupro Patch is the ONLY med that provides relief for my debilitating RLS. The miracle drug was withdrawn last April and life has not been the same since. I have heard that Schwarz Pharma/UCB has instituted a Compassionate Use program to provide the Neupro Patch for patients who find no other useful treatment, but have been unable to find out how to get it. My doctor's office has not been able to help and I am absolutely desperate for relief. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!

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    Default Neupro Patch Compassionate Use

    Cathy S.,
    Schwarz Pharma is currently conducting drug trials on the Neupro patch to get the drug back on the market. I would suggest that your neurologist contact Schwarz Pharma UCB as outlined in my blog:

    " called the main number 1-866-822-0068 and was told that there are now “dedicated” customer service reps that deal only with Neupro questions. So, I called back and dialed “9″ for Med Info and then dialed “3″ for Neupro. "

    I was unsuccessful in getting any more patches on the compassionate use premise, but if you and your neurologist are willing to fill out the paperwork and nag Schwarz Pharma and the FDA, there's a chance you can be the exception.

    Good luck,
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    Default NEUPRO PATCH -- Where to get them

    Like Cathy S., I, too, have found that life without access to the Neupro patch is difficult, indeed.

    Since I have been totally unsuccessful at getting Schwarz Pharma/UCB to make anything available to me on a Compassionate Use basis, I've had to go offshore/online to find and buy patches.
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