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Open for recommendations, need help ASAP
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    Question Open for recommendations, need help ASAP

    I have an old friend (we grew up together) who suddenly stopped associating with me several months ago when she found new *friends*.. its not just that she found new *friends*. She has been on hydro/perc/oxy (from the streets) for years now, which she was still in control of her life doing the pills. I mean she was a functioning drug addict I suppose you could say, she worked and still took care of her family.

    Several months ago, she found cocaine.

    I just found out the following this morning, or I'd have tried to intervine over the weekend.. regardless of how mad she got at me.

    Her brother is my neighbor and as I said we all grew up together. So I am getting my information from him. She needs help, in the worst way. Her 16 yr old son came home Saturday night and couldnt get in the house. When he finally got someone to come to the door, a known coke/crack dealer opened the door. She was on the couch, 1/2 naked and out of her mind f****** up. Half covered, half naked. Clothes on the table beside of her in the living room. Did this guy rape her? Who knows. She was married, her husband left her recently because of the drugs.

    She had deficated all over herself and her house. Her son got the neighbors (also a friend of hers) they bathed her and put her in bed. Im so furious they didnt call EMS! She has an alcohol problem, still takes pills, is smoking pot, doing coke and prb other things that havent gotten back to me yet. She has hit rock bottom but refuses to get help! She is going to end up 6 ft under I fear. I saw this happen with my 1st husband, almost the same exact thing and by the time he got to the hospital for help it was too late, his body was already in such bad shape, his organs were shutting down. He passed away @ age 36.

    Does anyone know of an intervention program that I could use to make her get help? Or do I just sit here and watch her die...because she will have to agree to go to rehab??

    I feel like I have to do SOMETHING. I told her brother if he didnt go get the kids that I would and if she had me arrested for kidnapping, I'd spill the situation to CPS. Thing is, I am moving out of state MONDAY.. a week away so I have to do something fast.

    Open to suggestions, PLEASE!!!! I cannot just sit here and hope nothing bad happens to her, Id never forgive myself!! We live in NC if that matters any.

    Thank you.

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    I feel sorry for you on many levels here...This may be a shot int the dark,but have you seen that show on A&E channel called intervention? I am sure that they are looking for bad cases such as this one all the time,and it looks like they send the people on the show to these TOP NOTCH rehabs all over the country,and they are funded either by the show,sponsers,or even the rehabs themselves to get better bussiness...Try going to A& or whatever and see what you have to do to get her on there..I hope this all works out for everyone! I wish you the best of luck.

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    I would email the show Intervention.An extreme addiction needs an extreme solution!It's on the A&E channel.

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    Default help

    If I was in your situation....I would tell the brother that he needs to call CPS. I don't know the ages of the children involved but...bad things can happen in situations like this. Think about it...she's probably willing to trade just about anything for drugs. If there are any small children in the under the age of 14....I would have to call CPS. If she can't even control her bowels, how can she control how her children are treated by these very bad people?

    Honestly....I take calling CPS on someone as the absolute last resort....but if there are any small childen in that house , you owe it to them.

    On a lighter note.....

    It's funny that we all post to this board and also watch Intervention. I guess I just can't get enough of it.

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