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Pain management...multiple doctors
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    Default Pain management...multiple doctors

    I had a work related back injury last summer, had surgery, went thru physical therapy...still in lots of pain. The surgery doc was prescribing me the 500mg hydrocodone for my pain which never helped....he never would prescibe me anything stronger. My family doc started prescribing me loratab which did help but still not fully. To make a long story short both docs have been prescribing me pain pills and i've been trying to manage my own pain. Now the surgery doc is sending me to a pain management program and i'm scared to death that they pain management folks are going to be upset and think i'm doctor shopping....which in reality I was....trying to habdle my own pain. What do I do? Should I be worried?

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    Default I would worry

    I would worry because my Primary Doc just released me from care because he found out that I was getting another script filled by a different pain medication doctor and not the pain mngmnt doc he sent me to. He was furious and it was not like I was getting a script from him, run out, get another one from the other doc and go back and forth... So, be careful. I think the DEA is really getting down on the Dr's now and I know I am going to stick to one Dr and go to no one else. Oh, and I only used one pharmacy. So It wasn't like I was trying to hide it and I still got yelled at. I know they can call the pharmacy where they think you go to and fill your Rx and they can see what and who has prescribed you anything in the last year. Watch out.

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