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Pain medication question???
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    Default Pain medication question???

    I know this is going to sound extremely crazy. I suffer from chronic headaches. I recently went to my neurologist and he had given me my 4th round of cortizone injections, but just like before they did not work. I cannot take the pain of these headaches he describes as "tension migraines". I am taking 400mg per day of Zonegran for "classic migraines" and I haven't had one of those in a while, but these other headaches are sucking the life right out of me. He gave me a prescription for Percocet, generic Endocet 5mg oxycodone, 325 acetometephine. It did not take the pain away. My question is this. I took 2 at one time. Is anything going to happen? I saw on your website that there is a prescription for 10mg/650mg. Would that be the same as taking 2 pills of my prescription? Just so you know, I'm not a junky. I am very careful taking pain medication. I have a 15 month old child and I would not jeopordize her safety in any way. I just cannot take this pain anymore. I take the medication at night before bed and only if absolutely needed. But I just want to make sure if I take 2 at once that I won't put myself in a coma or anything extreme like that. Can anyone answer my question. Thank you very much.
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    Let me answer your question very frankly and honestly ! Taking 2 Percocets 5 mg will not hurt you but you must be very careful for they are very addictive . Just because someone has gotten addicted to prescription pain medicine does not make them a Junky that is absurd that you would say that . Doctors just give that medicine to people to get them addicted and make money off of them I agree that people who become addicted to those pills are very sick but it doesnt make them a junkie so please have a little more respect when yopu post on a website such as this > Most people who are addicted to pain killers are upstanding citizens in the community such as doctors and lawyers and teachers prosecutors and judges .

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