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In Pain In NJ Need To Find A Good Dr Who Will Work With Me
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    Unhappy In Pain In NJ Need To Find A Good Dr Who Will Work With Me

    I have had Two Level Spinal Fusion, Spinal Cord Stimulator, Injections, Etc I have Lost 120 lbs through Gastric Bypass Surgery Thinking that would eliminate pain and nothing has worked. I was seeing my GP and he was prescribing me 30mg Roxycodone 6 a day, but I screwed up with him and threw me out of the practice. I need to find a doctor who will treat me as I have learned my lesson I cant see the Pain Dr I was seeing before my GP as they want records from referring DR and my GP will probably put in there I was released from his pratice. So I need to find a DR preferably in S Jersey area who would be willing to treat me until I can get enough history to see a Pain Management DR

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    Default I feel your pain

    I was recently released from a South Jersey GP also that I was going to for pain management. I have been searching also for a new GP who will continue my pain management. I was getting 3 Roxycodone 30mg daily.

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