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Patient assistant prog and medicare plan d
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    Default Patient assistant prog and medicare plan d

    hi, this is my first post. @ 54 yrs old i've been on Rx since 1988. Anorexia, Bipolar, osteospirosis, etc and getting Rx free from manufacturers--except for one or two. now i'm supposed to sign up with a plan. i collect SS Disability for over 10 yrs, work p/t.
    i make just just over to qualify for 'help' as the bush government calls it. it's been suggested that i merely not join a plan. the plans i've looked at are too expensive for me.
    i guess the pharmacuetical companies are happy. i am not. i know some elderly who aren't either--at least the ones who can figure out the particulars. can anyone make any suggestions? in my search i did come across some info that says coverage is deemed credible if it provides coverage for brand and generic Rx; and mail order. PAP does that! I learned this from Dept of Health and human services/Center for medicare and medicarid services (CMS). Essentially it is up to the drug company, not the government to keep a patient on the patient assist program. but, does anyone have a leg to stand on?
    thanks. your feedback would be welcome. even at this late date.

    not sure what to write here
    would like to join

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    I don't know if somebody's already addressed your issue....

    I work in the wild and wacky world of medical insurance (on the claims side). The idea behind Medicare Part D is prescription drug coverage for people on Medicare that don't already have a prescription plan, either freestanding or attached to a health plan.

    I don't know the rules of patient assistance programs and Medicare part D, but I would stake my reputation (and I have a very good one!!) that you can't have both.

    I would wager that if you sign up for Medicare Part D, you will no longer be eligible for the patient assistance programs or vice versa. Most patient assistance programs are based on lack of ability to pay, so you may very well benefit from staying on the Patient Assistance Program if they'll let you and if you meet the financial eligibility requirements.


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