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pills from germany
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    Default pills from germany

    Is it illegal to purchase Xanex from a pharmacy in Germany? Would this be a HOMELAND SECURITY breach? They require no presciption. I have had no problem. But, a friend ordered for the first time from the same place and she said she got a note in her mailbox saying it was illegal and she would not receive her order. She said it was from.. HOMELAND SECURITY and she would have to pay a fine. I have ordered 4 times with no trouble. She is a bit of a rabble- rouser and therefore I do not quite believe her. Does anyone know the answer to this?

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    Yes, if you are ordering a substance that requires a prescription in the US, without one, from a non-regulated foreign pharmacy IT IS ILLEGAL!

    Customs does randomly check packages, some people just get their packages intercepted and receive a warning, others get fined, others get prosecuted.

    If it is illegal, under any circumstances, to have this substance in the US without a prescription, why would you think you can just get around that by ordering from overseas? That doesn't change the law.

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