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Pls share with me your colostomy bag experience
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    Question Pls share with me your colostomy bag experience

    I am going to have a colostomy in two weeks time to remove a neuroendocrine tumor located 4cm from the anal verge. What is life going to be with a colostomy bag? What should I watch for to prevent accidents, like bag bursting, leaking and similar situations? What should be my diet to keep the bag from being filled up too fast, too much? How do I keep out infections in my stoma? How do I take care of the bag, etc, etc?

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    Default I can try to help

    OK, my mom just went thru this whole thing, except it was done in emergency was not a planned thing. and it's been maybe about 2 years now, so i can't quite remember all the wording, but you certainly brought back a lot of it in your short post.

    All that being said, i can try to answer as many questions as possible for you. She came to live with us while she was recupurating and while she had the bag. i think she had it removed 2 months later. is yours going to be permanent? whereabouts will your bag be, if you know? my mom's was maybe 2 inches above her belly button, and another inch to the left (if you're the patient looking down at your stomach). does this sound like a similiar thing you'll be having done?

    i'll wait to hear from you, but in the meantime, let me comfort you with this...

    as i said, my mom's was an emergency, she had no time to do any research beforehand. she had to learn everything and research everything only AFTER she had the bag. That being said, she was worried, and nervous and freaked out for nothing. it is very simple to maintain, it's almost as if it's not there. well, you know what i mean. it WILL NOT be as bad as you are imagining, i can guarantee you that.

    but you must be on top of your game as far as the correct product codes for your bags that corrolate with the correct sticky patches that hold it in place (see, i can't even remember the names of those even). once you know what bag works best for you, there will be a matching sticky pad, and for the sake of your sanity, WRITE DOWN ANY NUMBERS YOU CAN FIND ON THOSE BOXES. the medical staff at these medical supply stores are not specialists. they can very easily order the wrong sizes, etc. they did it many times with us, and i was super on top of my game (for my mom's sake).

    so, that would be my first bit of advice. also, the time my mom wore the bag went by very fast. you'll be pleasantly surprised. i hope yours is going to be temporary.

    talk soon...
    good luck

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