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Protonix not covered under my insurance.
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    Default Protonix not covered under my insurance.

    Hello everyone, I'm new to this site and was hoping to find some help.

    Sorry if I've posted this in the wrong section of the forums.

    About 7 years ago I developed UC ( Ulcerative Colitis) and the doctors put me on Asacol and Protonix. My insurance covered both medicines up until 6 months ago but will no longer cover the Protonix. The Protonix was prescribed as twice a day at 40mg. Without the insurance, the price-tag is roughly $180 a month, which is something I can't afford at the moment. Without the Protonix I've been very ill. Basically I was hoping someone could point me in the right direction for some assistance obtaining Protonix again at an affordable price.

    Thanks in advance,
    Natalie S.

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    Default Protonix

    Hello Natalie,

    You can buy Protonix from:

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    Default hi Natalie

    Our insurance will not cover Protonix either and it put my daughter who has IBD and spasms of her colon as well as ulcers from time to time with alternating times of constipation and diarrhea...they wanted to substitute 20 mg a day of Omeprozole and it has helped a lot. They said they would insure Protonix only if Omeprazole did not work well. She also takes Levisn for the spasms and has had no bleeding since the change. It seems the doctors in the hospital like Protonix but do not know it is not available. I guess you have to "educate" your doctor and get him/her to find something generic that will work. Best of luck and may your pain lessen.

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    Same issue here with protonix, no longer covered by insurance. At my doctor's recommendation, I have been taking omeprazole daily - and it has worked just as well for me. It's available over-the-counter and in a generic form, so the cost is reasonable. I found the lowest prices at Walmart and Target.


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    Default Generic Protonix

    I do not have the severe problems that most of you do but for almost 30 years I have had sever problems with that I mean that my stomach would swell so bad during the day that I looked 8-9 months pregnant. I was always small, 5'2" and weighed approx 120lbs until I was swollen....then the weight was 140. It got so bad I would go without food or drinks, just water. I've had 3 children and doubled my weight with all stretch marks and came home to the same size clothes before pregnancy. Now when the bloating is down, I have sagging skin from the stretching and have stretch marks.

    I was hospitalized numerous times in the past and put on the "old ulcer diets" along with meds.....nothing helped.

    In 2000 my daughter was working for a gastro doctor on the Gulf Coast and he took me on as a patient.....he ran ALL the tests and scopes and found nothing. I don't even have heartburn. He prescribed Protonix 40 once a day and it was geat except by late afternoon the bloat came back. He changed it to 40 in the morning and 40 in the evening. It was so great, I went from wearing mens pj's all day to going shopping for real clothes again.

    Then around 2005 my insurance quit paying and the price was $253 a month. I was unable to pay this and my doctor gave me samples of asiphex (sic) which was about like taking a rolaid (for me).

    I recently heard that there is a generic for Protonix and had my doctor call in a script......only to find out that no one in my city carried it. I am leary of ordering online meds from other countries and again done without. Recently I found a pharmacy in Ohio in the US that has it. You have to have a script or you can have your script transferred to them from your pharmacy if you have one you are paying a high price for. I now get mine in the mail (40 twice a day) for $25.11 and that includes expidited shipping.

    I have no interest in this company or do not work for them. I am a 68 year old nurse on disability. I hope this post will help someone else that has an insurance that has quit paying for another one of our costly meds.

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    Default Protonix help

    Protonix is one of those meds that gets moved on and off of insurance formularies often. So with that being said there is help! The manufacturer of Protonix does have a PAP and as long as you qualify financially and you insurance doesn't cover it you should have a good chance of getting into their program. Or you can always search out a solid PAP service provider that can handle the PAP for you.

    The Advocate!

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