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    My son is 7 years old and on Ritalyn. It seemed to do the trick for a little while, he has ADHD. I noticed other children on Ritalyn and my child does not appear to react the same. He seems very anxious, whines alot and seems more hyper than before the pill. This behaviour just started about 3 months ago. I thought maybe it was just another "phase" that he was going through. My son has Angelman Syndrome and cannot speak, therefore I do not know what he is feeling or thinking. I have not given him his pill this morning and have noticed a remarkable difference in him, no whining, no agitation, so far..... Is it safe to stop giving it to him cold turkey like this, need to know before I continue. My doctor is away for another week, I am having a difficult time with this decision, please help as soon as possible please.

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    I Dont Know A Whole Lot On This Issue But I Can Tell You From Personal Experience That My Little Sister (10 Years Old), ADHD, Was On It And Things Happend And She Started Living With Me For About 2 Months. After About Two Weeks I Stopped Making Her Take The Ritalyn And She Seemed To Do Better. On The Ritalyn She Would Have What We Called " Fits " Yelling, Screaming, " I Hate Yous ", Throwing Things, Hitting People, And Basically Everthing Else You Could Imagine. But When She Was Off It She Was Like A Differnt Person. So If You Are Asking Opinions Mine Is Completly Against Ritalyn. Maybe It Works For Some People But In My Personal Experinces I Have Yet To Be The Least Bit Impressed. My Sugesstion Is Search Ritalyn On And See If You Cant Find Out Whether Or Not It Is Safe To Just Stop It. I Stopped My Sisters Cold Turkey And It Didnt Seam To Bother Her One Bit Actually It Improved Her Behavior. Also Talk To You Sons Doctor ASAP And Maybe There Is A Better Solution Than Ritalyn For His Medical Condition. If He Is Out Of Town For A Week He Should Have Another Doctor That He Is Refering His Patients Too. Try Calling The Office, There Is Usually Someone There Even If The Doctors Not.

    Hope This Helps.

    I'm Not A Pharmacist Or A Medical Doctor. This Message Is Not Medical Advice Or Is It An Offer To Provide Medical Advice. All Drug I.Ds Should Be Validated By A Licensed MD Or Pharmacist. But I Do Enjoy Helping If I Can.

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