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stomach ace
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    Default stomach ace

    I have extremely stomach ace. when I run or walk a bit fast the pain starts. what should I do?

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    That depends on whether you are talking about your abdominal muscles or the actual stomach. If its the stomach, the safest thing to do is have it checked out by your physician. It may be nothing or it may be an ulcer, but either way, its worth having checked out.

    Faded time

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    The pain that you are feeling depends on a number of different factors. If you have persistent pain, I would certainly recommend you take the time to see a medical professional. The reasons for pain can vary from something minor that will go away, all the way too serious problems with your health. It could be something as simple as a pulled muscle or cramps for some reason including PMS. It could also be something as serious as problems with your appendix or spleen. In honesty it isn't something you should mess around with. Go see a medical professional in order to make sure something isn't wrong seriously.

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