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switching to singulair
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    Default switching to singulair

    Can anyone give me some advice on taking singulair for asthma,I am now taking advir 500

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    Thumbs up YES. I love my Singulair

    Sherry.. I am 46 yr old wh female. I have severe Asthma and allergies. I cant even mow my own yard. I have been on Singular 10 Mg for a few years. I also take Avair 500/50 and I use Combivent Inhaler and I also use Duo Neb updrafts. I also am taking the Xolair Injections.. which let me tell you has really made an improvement on my life.
    I am having some really hard times getting my meds due to the cost though.. but YES.. Singulair is VERY important and does GREAT.. I took if for 2 years in the morning, then one day the Doctor says " you are taking this at bedtime ? " I said NO I been taking it in the morn.. so I started taking it at night.. it does the same, but does give me wild dreams ( hmm I seem to look 4 ward to my dreams though ) *LOL* it is great though..
    It cost me $1.00 a pill.. it is killing me though to come up with the $$ to get all my meds..
    the Xolair is over $10,000 a year for the meds. then I have to pay 100.00 to have it Injected every 2 weeks, and I have to drive 50 miles to get it. and 50 miles home...
    look me up.. we can chat sometime.. I have yahoo IM as cathy_arkansas

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    Many of the drug companies have patient assistant programs for those that have no insurance and can't afford their medication. I know for a fact that Singular does, as I am on it as well and get mine free of charge from the drug company. You do have to go through your doctor, but it sure is worth the time. If it wasn't for the PAP's, I wouldn't be able to afford any of my medication that I need, and I'm on several. Might be something to check into.
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    Smile singular

    good mornin'

    this stuff is great! my daughters both suffered bad w/ asthma for years..ped put them on it about three years ago, and attacks have almost dropped to takes a while to build up in there system, 4-6 weeks, but after that, all good

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