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    Just wanted to say thanks to everyone on here for taking the time to respond to peoples questions and concerns !! And to continue to do so cause I am sure there are a lot of people who are getting help from this such as myself . Even if it is just knowing you are not alone !! Thanks alot and I am sure I will be on here alot more in the future and I hope I can be of help to someone out there !! Bye Mellenfan

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    My boyfriend just received a prescription for Ambien. I am concerned about the use of this drug incorrectly. I have witnessed my boyfriend mix excessive amounts of alcohol while taking Ambien, more than the dose required and seen some erratic behavior to the point I have to stay awake through the night for fear of what he might do to himself. I have questioned him as to why he is abusing this drug that is supposed to help him but never get a clear and direct answer.
    I do not know enough about Ambien to know whether I should be concerned but what I have witnessed so far is disturbing. I am not sure what to do about this situation, it is enough to make me want to leave him but I know he needs help but I firmly believe that a person has to want to help themselves first.
    I know he has had a past of abusing pain-killers if he can get ahold of them as well.
    What should I know and do?

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