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"too young" for pain relief in Pittsburgh
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    Unhappy "too young" for pain relief in Pittsburgh

    I've been diagnosed with fibromyalgia and it's ruining my life. My doctors are throwing everything in the book at me--some of it has actually helped, most of it was just a waste of time, some of it made me sick--except any actual pain medicine.(Muscle relaxers, physical therapy, chiropractors, acupuncture, antidepressants, Lyrica--some variation of EVERYTHING.) I keep hearing the same thing over and over: you're too young. I'm 28.

    I'm going out of my mind. I'm anxious and depressed all the time, sometimes the pain is so ridiculous that it's completely surreal. I just don't understand. I'm in pain. There is medicine that treats pain. I know it had side effects, but, come on--being in pain has side effects! I'm going to end up killing myself on tylenol because I literally have nothing else!

    I need a doctor who isn't afraid to give me pain medicine, and I need some kind of support group for people with chronic pain. I'm not an addict, but this has driven me to the point where I'd pay someone for drugs if I thought it would help. I wish I had cancer or a broken back so that my pain would "deserve" treatment. I'm just flabbergasted that every doctor I've seen wants to pass the buck--the ones who think pain medicine is appropriate refer me to someone else who "should" prescribe it, but those people just don't want to do it. No one seems to care that I've lost all ability to function. I need someone who will help me.

    I don't know what to do. I've seen so many doctors. I've seen pain management doctors, and one of them isn't a jerk, so I'm still seeing him. But no one wants to treat my pain because I'm not old and I don't have cancer. I don't know how to find someone who will help me.

    I live in Pittsburgh. If anyone has any recommendations, please, answer my prayers.

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    I cant tell you how many times I've heard something similar in my life. I started with fibromyalgia type symptoms when I was pregnant with my oldest son. I was 24. Back then they didnt call it fibromyalgia but I know now that is what it was. I, personally, dont think age is a prerequesite for pain. Why would it matter if the same pain was in a 30 year old or an 80 year old. I know they hate to put a young person on pain meds figuring they will need them for 20+ years but it does come down to whether or not a persons life is liveable and whether or not they can perform the everyday tasks they need to do. Aperson is more likely to turn to illegal drugs and alcohol if your pain is not managed properly. Now I am 44 and I still hear comments about being young but I have low back issues involved as well as the fibro pain. Actually the fibro hardly bothers me compaired to the low back issues so be careful what you pray for but I know what you mean by almost wishing you had cancer or something so you could get adequate pain relief! That is very sad that we are brought to feeling like this! I finally did find pain management Drs who have worked with me and I can stand it (the pain) on most days. I still have bad ones and I have trouble with the new OxyContin formula doesnt work like the old. I have had to switch pain Drs a few times. Some times because they were just not meeting my needs or a couple of times I had a good one that moved (htat is always a bummer) I'm getting ready to see a new Dr next month because my current Dr wont see me anymore since I dont want to do injections and all that stuff anymore. I see no reason to keep paying thousands for something that doesnt help at all. I hope this new Dr will work with me better. I'm trying to get switched to something other than the OxyContin. Hang in there and keep trying. You will find someone who cares enough to help!
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    Hi Girls
    I have had fibro all my life also so I understand what you are going thru...
    I went to many doctors that did the same thing I just could not understand why wont you help me !!!
    then I found a fibro doctor and he gave me all the pain meds i wanted...
    it took about two years and I was on oxycontin there times a day and 10mg vic for break thru pain...the sad part was it only took 2 years for my tolerance to go up so high that know matter how many pills I took it would not stop the pain. I went from a hard working single mother to a drug addicted who was spending every penny I had to get enough pills to get me thru the now I had fibro, DDD and was addicted to pain pills. my life was so out of control it was so sad !!! it took me a year to get off all the pain pills..
    and try to put my life back together...
    so I think that is why your doctors don't want to give you pain pills... they have seen first hand what can happen... I understand the pain you have,but you will NEVER want to go thru what I did...please believe was such a nightmare I could never tell you what it was like !
    I deal with my pain now with exercise, I run a mile a day and do 8 minute abs to strengthen my core and it works so much better than all the pills, i think half of the people on this forum have fibro and all of there stories are just like take a little time and read some of the stories and you will see why your doctor does not want to get you started on pain pills..
    I hope and pray you can find a way to deal with your pain another way...
    my heart goes out to you !

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