Please help!!!

Hi people, I am new to this forum but have read many of your stories. My story is a Little long but I tried to get the key points across.

So I started to get back pain 12 years ago i bent down to pick up the baby out of a car-seat that was placed on the floor and could not get backcourt up with a severe spasm from then to now I don't go a day without pain, I can deal with what I would call my (daily pain) but most day the pain reaches above this by far.

I have had MRI in 2011 and again in 2014 both show up mild,minor and tiny disc buldges and many tiny disc herniations and mild facet joint degenerative change. These range from C6-C7 right down to L5-S1 with some foraminal narrowing at some points. This is from what I'm being told is normal wear and tear and my spine was described to me as being pristine!

My problem is spasms with right leg pain that has totally restricted me from long walks ( I can walk 10 mins at most) and my right leg would then be too painful to continue. Both hands my last 2 fingers would regularly get pis and needles and a feeling of numbness.

I have over the years tried many things like phyisio, hydrotherapy, morning walks and then I was sent on to pain management as none of the above had given me any relief from the pain.

I have spent 8 years on diazepam, lyrics and many other pain medications, at one point had a doctor come to my home on a daily basis to give me an injection as I could not make it out side let alone to the doctors for 2 months.

So after a long time on medications I went away for a weekend with my wife forgot my tablets and BOOM! This was the moment I realised I had become so dependent on these medications and the very next day stopped taking any medications as an addiction is not the answer but apart from that thos medications long term would have killed me off a long time befor my back pain ever would.

So I had recently been sent to a clinic to see if I could get injections similar to nerve blockers that would numb the area. Upon visiting this hospital I explained my history and the fact that I had became in the past addicted to the medications that I had been on for many years, anyway the answer put to me was you should go on prescription(even after me explaining I don't want an addiction I have a life to live) oh yeah and she also suggested yoga.

I feel that after all these years and in so much pain it would have made more sense to do the injections instead the answer is here's an addiction??? I don't get this approach towards something that you can't find the answer to.

At this stage 12 years later and still suffering really bad to the point with no exaggeration it took me 4 hours to get from the bottom of my stairs to the top it ls excruciating and I would never wish for anyone to go through.

Now I feel it is placing strain on my mental health, I'm stressed out and frustrated and no longer know what to do, I am now out of work I can't attend family events and feel my wife and my children are paying the price.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated however big or small as I am at my whits end and cannot continue in this pain, but also am I wrong for rejecting an addiction from these professionals when in the reality there are other alternatives than pills!!!
Thank you for reading my rant but again I'm at a loss