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withdrawal symptoms
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    Default withdrawal symptoms

    Have been on Effexor or similar medication for 20 yrs. Condition was getting worst, doctor increased medication, finally i have decided to get off the Effexor, doctor had no comment, offered no help. Have been off the Effexor for over 1 month, and suffering various side effects. Would like to find out how long the withdrawal symptoms will last (approx.) and what part of the body will it effect besides the nervous system? Would really appreciate some information, having a pretty hard time of it and nobody to turn to.
    Thanks, Vicki

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    If you weaned down and took the time to lower your serum level then I would say a month.If you stopped quickly and didn't let your body change with the changes you made then sometimes it can take up to a year and worse sometimes you never feel better.Keep your doctor informed on how your doing.Good luck to you......Dave

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