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dog with eyes turning gray
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    Default dog with eyes turning gray

    My shih tzu has had chronic dry eyes for a year. We are constantly wetting them with artificial tears then putting an oil on them for lubrication.

    Her eyes are turning gray and it looks like cataracts. She's only 8 years old.

    Does anyone know of a nutrient or medicine that can help her?

    She's eating raw meat and bones and spring water and occasionally milk thistle seeds and dehydrated beets for her liver but this isn't helping.

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    Lightbulb A couple ideas for the cataracts

    8 years old is the most common age for dogs to start developing cataracts, and yes, cataracts in dogs can be treated. If caught in the early stages it can be easily taken care of via surgical procedures. However, that is very costly. I know I personally could not afford such any complicated surgical procedures done on my pups (unless my baby girl, Maleah, a 2 year old husky's life depended on it, then I'd do what I could). Also the longer you wait to have the surgery done, if you can afford it, the more likely there will be damage to the eye during surgery.

    But don't get too discouraged. There's also a healing herb known as cineraria, which can clear cataracts. You can find a eye drop formulation with cineraria as the main ingredient on Amazon pretty cheap, and there are also a few homeopathic vendors online that sell cineraria eye drops specifically with no other ingredients, which would probably be best for your instance. PM me for the websites as I'm not sure if I'm alowed to post links to online stores on these forums, I'm rather new around here.

    Vitamin E and C will help via their antioxidant properties of fighting off free radicals, and beta-carotene supplements will also help your pup's overall eye health.

    But trust me, I know dogs. Been working with them for a living since I was 16 years old and my pops handed me keys to a car and said "Here's you a car and keys to your Grandpa's house. You pay for your gas, utilities, food, insurance, and cell phone bill. We will buy you a tank of gas a week if you drive your little brother to school." So I got a job at a local family run Animal Hospital, and here I am at 21, coming up on 22 still working with dogs! I love it! Although I am currently pursuing a career in pharmacology or psychiatry, caring for our canine companions is a very rewarding and fun job to get me through my education!

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    It is because of age. Dogs turn gray the same as people do when they get older. There is nothing wrong with him. It is just part of the aging process. The older he gets, the grayer he will get. Very natural, and is expected.
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    Default cataracts

    my dogs are just barely getting that gray glaze that I can see in some light. My vet said it was cataracts too and it can be treated but it's expense. Thinking of googling it.

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    My dog's eyes are starting to turn gray and my vet said cataracts as well. Keep in mind that their vision is also affected.

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