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Epileptic border collie
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    Arrow Epileptic border collie

    Hi I have a border collie that is 8 yrs old now and was diagnosed with epilepsy about 18 months ago and put on Phenomav, he is up to 150mg a day now, while this has helped his fits, he has gained a lot of wait of wait and seems to be loosing a lot more fur.

    Is there anything apart from exercise for weight lose??

    Is there some kind of special diet for him and maybe vitamins to help him?

    Many thanks

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    There are plenty of nutritional low fat diets out there for dogs now. Some more palatable than others. My older Shepherd tends to gain weight, so instead of giving him free choice or just feeding him once a day, I give him several small meals over a 24 hour course. That way he doesn't become hungry.

    There is no way of getting around the exercise thing. Border collies are high energy dogs and need lots of exercise. If you aren't already, taking him for one or two walks a day will not only help him lose weight, but
    will put muscle on.

    You don't have to spend a lot of money to feed a low fat diet. Purina makes one that is very reasonable.
    Iams and Eukanuba both have lower fat foods but are more expensive. If your dog eats a well balanced diet, he shouldn't need any extra vitamins.

    The fur loss needs to be addressed with his veterinarian. It can be due to a number of causes from benign to something more serious. Have that looked into before starting a new diet or starting an exercise program.

    Faded time

    You don't have to spend a lot to get a good lowfat dog food. Purina makes one

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