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Getting my old dog to eat
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    Default Getting my old dog to eat

    MY 14 yrs old pom with no teeth is not interested in most of the food I try to feed her. She acts as if she's very hungry but then turns up her nose @ the food in her dish. I've tried meat (cooked & raw), warmed her canned food, added meat juice & gravy, & even feeding each bite by hand. I'm wondering if her sense of smell has diminished & that is contributing to the lack of interest. Any suggestions for additives that might entice her?

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    I had the same problem with my dog. The vet had me use canned food, then mix a bullion cube (or powder) with hot water in a separate bowl or mug making it very, very, diluted and add less then 1/8 teaspoon to the food and stir it up. But you absolutely have to make the boullion mixture extremely diluted because otherwise it's way too salty and fatty for them full strength. Also try to get the bullion that's fat/sodium free or reduced fat or salt. The added flavor in the food may make him want to eat. BTW, it doesn't matter if it's chicken or beef boullion.

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