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got a dog, cat is horribly stressed
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    Question got a dog, cat is horribly stressed

    Back in April, we got a family dog. My cat, age 11, and who probably never saw a dog before, has had a very rough time. She stays up on a cabinet and will not come down. Dog is just curious and will not hurt her, but she does not know that. We have had to put her food and water up there. She's in our finished basement and dog usually stays upstairs. I've tried the plug in pheromone thing, but she remains on counter. She is so stubborn and I.fear she is not having a good quality of life. Any suggestions? Vet said maybe anxiety meds, but I don't want to drug her.

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    iam not vet doc but even in human there should be a drug free life i don't know why that vet said for drug medication there are more couples of cats with dogs roaming around your kitty needs a bit training to get close to the dog

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