I am taking human meloxicam for myself and I have been told by my vet not to give it to my dog as she reckons that she has been told by the manufacturers that it contains something else that is bad for dogs. Apart from the meloxicam the tablets also contain:
sodium citrate
microcrystalline cellulose
colloidal anhydrous silica
magnesium stearate

Are any of these ingredients likely to cause problems? My dog is a chihuahua and because the recommended dose is 0.05 mg/lb [for dogs] she would only ever have 1/38th of a tablet. Meloxicam for pets is expensive but for people it is much less, or in my case free.

I did try her on it a few weeks ago when she had some pain [she is 14 years old and arthritic] and it seemed to work and there were no problems.

Any other owners doing this? Any vetinarian opions would also be very useful. Thanks.