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Intermittent Urinary Blockage
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    Default Intermittent Urinary Blockage

    I have a 4 1/2 year old German Shepherd, who....after being diagnosed with Degenerative Joint Disease in Oct., suddenly started straining to urinate in December. Tho he could dribble urine, we rushed him into the Vet where he was cath'd and his urine and blood were tested.... he was also ultra-sounded and xrayed for possible stones.

    His blood was normal, and no crystals or infection were found in his urine.....the ph and other things they check for were also normal, as was his blood. There were no visible stones, and we took him home, where he did well for 2 weeks. Since that time, he's had two "spells" where he was having difficulty urinating, one lasting 4 hours, the next an hour and a half. The Vet put him on Prazosin for 10 days (and we haven't had a spell for 10 days, now)....supposedly this drug relaxs the muscles that line the lower urinary tract. I can't find anything on the internet that gives info on using this on is a human prescription for hypertension.

    We're taking him off it in two days (the prescription has run out), and talking to the Vet, we won't be putting him back on it until she consults with other Vets about the long-term usage on a canine.

    With no stones, no crystals, no infection ... I'm at a loss as to what could be going on here.....Has anyone else had a dog with this "intermmitant" type blockage, with no obvious signs of why??

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    Default Hi,

    It seems quite a serious problem. I would suggest you to meet some experienced Drs. in this respect.


    Drug Intervention North Carolina

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