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Kittens Congested with Red Eyes
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    Unhappy Kittens Congested with Red Eyes

    My two 10-week old Devon Rex kittens suddenly developed the symptoms of a human cold. I have been informed that they have a cat flu that can be either from a virus or bacteria. However, I am getting conflicting info on the best antibiotic and dosage. I was told to get Biomax Suspension - 5 mg per lb. for 5-7 days but I can only find info about it being prescribed for dogs. Also, I was originally told to apply Terramycin Ophthalmic Ointment 2-4 times daily on their eyes. When I researched this on the internet, I discovered that Tetracycline 1% applied 3-4 times daily seems to be a more common treatment for kittens.
    They are still eating and drinking and are very playing. I have been using a humidifier to break up their conjestion but I need to start their medication. However, I want to be sure of the correct treatment.
    Can anybody help me please...I love my babies!

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    You need to take them to the vet asap!!

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    Default Abbey and Bella thank you for your concern

    I wish I could take them to the vet but I can't afford medication until next Friday. They are still very active and are still eating and drinking.
    I have been cleaning their eyes with pure aloe and their eyes are looking much better.
    I have also been using a humidifier to help break up the conjestion and mucus and am using an infant nose syringe to clear out their little noses.

    Even though Abbey and Bella were with their mother until 9 weeks (I would have prefered 12 weeks but the attorney that gave them to me was too impatient to wait), I have had to bottle feed and deal with the problems of many baby animals. The only kitten I lost was because the vet wrote the wrong strenght on the prescription. I cried for weeks and still double-check medications and strengths.

    I know this doesn't make me a vet, but it does make me do a lot of research and use a great deal of caution, especially with babies.

    All I have to do is get them thru this and I have them scheduled for their first shots.

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