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Long-acting post operative pain meds for cats
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    Default Long-acting post operative pain meds for cats

    Are there any long-acting pain medications for post operative pain for cats? Since my 2 1/2 year old cat will not let me or anyone put anything in her mouth, I'm wondering if there is something long-acting that a vet could give her to help with her pain. The vet facility will only allow her to stay 1 night despite the fact that I would prefer she remain there for 2 - 4 days until she is pain-free rather than come home and be in pain all because I am unable to get any medication in her. She's extremely smart and can sense the presence of a foreign substance in her food or treats and will not consume the item. Thanks for any info!

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    This shouldn't be a problem.No one likes pills especially our 4 legged friends. My experience is to hide the med. If it is small, crush it and put it in her favotite wet cat food or mashed cooked chicken livers. That has never failed me. There are however, Pill holders that allow you to pop the pill from the popper(it looks liks a syringe) down the cat's or dog's throat.

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