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My 5 year old cat has epilepsy (seizures)
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    Unhappy My 5 year old cat has epilepsy (seizures)

    It started about 9 months ago when she had her first seizure I rushed her to the animal emergency room because her vet was doing surgeries that day and she couldn't be seen anyhow they charged me an arm and a leg and couldn't really tell me much they gave her no medicine for her and wanted to do a cat scan or something for over $200 they did however tell me that she was blind in one eye which I never knew before they couldn't tell me if this was caused by the seizure or not but it didn't seem to bother her as far as seeing she didn't act any different so I think maybe she lost sight in that eye before that day but anyhow I didn't have the 2000$ so I took her home and scheduled a vet appointment fir the next day so when I took her in they said that some cats have seizures and that it could even be a brain tumor they said the only way to tell was the cat scan but that all that would fo was tell me if she had one and really there would be nothing they could do but manage the seizures because brain surgery would be ridiculous and that they dont do it on animals so they decided to treat her seizures using phenobarbital anyhow she continued to have seizures so they eventually raised the dose of phenobarb and added gabapentin and also gave me valium to give her during a seizure (we give it to her rectally) she is doing a lot better now she still has seizures but not as often and they are less violent I take her in next month to have her phenobarb levels checked and to see if she needs a dose increase I was told that it is a lot harder to manage the seizures in cats than dogs and that it was kindof rare for cats to have them i am praying to god that she doesn't have a brain tumor but we just dont know that for sure I was wondering if anyone else has a cat with seizures or does have a known brain tumor also if their was a such thing as animal insurance or any assistance programs for paying for medication I live in columbus ohio thank you for reading and any input anyone may have

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    Have you ever given the thought of using food grade hydrogen peroxide (not the kind sold in stores)? I have used this with great sucess on my cats. I have used it on one of my female cats that had large tumors on her underside. I am happy to report they are all but gone.
    If you are interested in he formula, just let me know.
    I am now treating another cat with tumors.

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    I am interested where would i buy the hydrogen peroxide and how do i give it to her?

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