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Is my Yorkie struggling to breathe?
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    Default Is my Yorkie struggling to breathe?

    My 5lb yorkie is 11 and has an enlarged (well functioning) heart and liver. However she has been struggling to breathe. How do we know when it is time to let her go? She still has so much pep in her step and always wants to play. It makes it harder for her to do those fhings. Please help if you think her brain isn’t ready but her body is...please help, we love her dearly and this is horrible. She was prescribed trazadone to help her sleep, it seems to suppress her breathing tho. This is so HARD!

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    Personally, if it were me (I am not a vet), as long as she eats and drinks and there is no vomiting or diarrhea I would off having her euthanized, but that's my opinion. You said her heart is slightly enlarged, however, I would ask the vet if congestive heart failure may be her problem. I know from experience that that can cause shortness of breath. Also chronic coughing is a sign of CHF. I'm not a vet but I think it's worth asking. If you're really worried, you can have an ultrasound done. We just had this done to our dog, but we were really looking just to be sure.

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