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need advice about my dog
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    Exclamation need advice about my dog

    I have many ?'s about problems my dog is having. My dog has dry, red, and itchy skin on his back end mostly. We have taken him to the vet about 9months ago she prescribed amitriptoline(sp?) I am guessing she thought his constant digging at himself was due to anxiety. she is never very informative and always rushed. He smells awful even after a bath. the bad smell started when he was around three. The extreme anxiety started at age 7. He hides during storms. He barks at everything now. He totally freaks when we bath him. That's new too. He was not like this for most of his life. The main issue is the SMELL and the extreme shedding. I LOVE my dog but I cannot pet him that much because the smell is so bad. I feel terrible that he scratches himself raw daily. i know he is in pain. He also tore him ligament in his back leg the vet said there was a surgery that costs $2000.00 to try to fix it but it probably wouldn't be permanent and he would tear it again. So he is in pain daily. The vet wont prescribe pain meds. she gives him a chewable joint supplement. I put fish oil on his food and he only eats sensitive system food the main ingredient is salmon. Right now I can not afford to go to tthe vet so if anyone can give me advice on what to do untill we get the $ to go to the vet and them what to ask the vet once we get there. I am switching vets to one a friend recommended. Sorry this was so long but i will take any advice on any of his issues. Thank you all so much

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    If your dog really has a skin complaint then the anxiety drugs will just make it worse . I would suggest you try an ointment called CALENDULA which contains extract of marigold . It can be bought at most health stores. Also give your dog some worm tablets just in case and take him for lots of walks so he doesnt feel anxious. That way you can rule that out. I hope he will get better soon

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    it sounds like more of an allergy than a nervous thing.

    my dog needed steroids at one stage, she is not usually a scratchy dog, but something set her off, and she just couldnt stop scratching.

    the steroids will releive it, but if its an allergy you still need to figure out whats causing it. good luck from new zealand anyway.

    wuv my wuppy dog

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