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Pain relief
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    Default Pain relief

    My greyhound has pain in the pelvic area near the spine. Is the drug Hydrocodone, a pain reliever, be used for dogs? If so, what dose is advised for a 65 pound dog?

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    Default Also interested in an answer to this question

    I have a dog that has osteosarcoma (survivor for 1 yr) and I would like to now if she would get more pain relief from the use of hydrocodone than from the Tramadol that she is currently on for pain

    I am a bit confused as to the safety of the usage of acetaminophen with dogs


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    Just say no to acetaminophen for you puppy! It's toxic to dogs!

    My Aussie has hip displaysia and before I put her on tramadol, she was on Ascriptin. It has aspirin in it. But, there are also some dangers with it to the stomach. My vet had me give it to her only 3 times a week. She weighs 51 lbs and I gave her only 1 tab. Knowing the risks, it was a chance I just couldn't continue to take, but I will give it to her if I notice she's having a particularly difficult time on a damp and cold day.
    I wish you and your "puppy" (I call them all puppies) all the best!

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